When you’re looking to upgrade or get new gutters for your home, you have a bunch of options to choose from. If you decide on aluminum gutters, you narrow down your choices to two options: traditional sectional gutters or more modern seamless gutters. While the only main difference between the two is that sectional gutters are installed in several pieces rather than one big piece, seamless gutters offer many benefits compared to their counterpart.

Less Maintenance

Traditional gutters are more prone to clogging, since leaves and twigs can get caught at the joints. That requires you to clean them out more often, and if you don’t, bugs, birds, and other pests can make a home in the debris buildup. Seamless gutters lack the joint areas that debris gets caught in and, therefore, require less cleaning.

Lots of Optionsseamless-gutters-all-aluminum-gutters

We already mentioned aluminum, but seamless gutters are available in a variety of materials and colors. They can be made from steel or copper, and you’re also able to get them in various colors to match your home’s aesthetic. You can even get them with baked on enamel, so they never have to be painted.

No Leaks

Without joints and seals that can wear away, seamless gutters are less prone to leaks. Their streamlined design minimizes their chances of developing cracks, holes, or tears, so they offer much better protection for your home.

Better Rate of Return

While seamless gutters may cost more when you first install them, their lower maintenance and repair costs end up saving you money in the long run.

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Benefits of Seamless Gutters